Trademark search and monitoring with Nuans

To apply for a trademark, visit the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

On top of being a corporate name search tool, Nuans is a powerful algorithm that you can use to search and monitor trademarks in the Canadian trademarks database.

Search trademarks

You can use Nuans to order different types of reports to help you do preliminary name searches. The reports yield lists of existing trademarks and corporate names that could be potentially confused with the proposed name you searched for.

Trademark monitoring service

Become a Nuans member to use Nuans for your trademark monitoring services. You will get weekly reports comparing your entire portfolio of trademarks with potentially confusing new trademarks that exist in the trademarks database.

Choose the best option for your trademark needs

Self Serve

  • Review trademarks in a name search report (2 pages)

Order a name search report

Nuans member

  • Review trademarks in a name search report (2 pages)
  • Review an extended list of results in a trademark and company name inquiry report (6 pages)
  • Review trademarks in an inquiry report (10 pages)
  • Subscribe to trademark monitoring services (weekly report)

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