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A federal Nuans name search report is not needed before you incorporate.

Nuans is the Government of Canada's business name and trademark search tool. This tool uses a powerful algorithm to list names and trademarks similar or identical to the searched name.

Incorporate your federal business or organization

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  • The name search is now included in the federal incorporation process.
  • You do not need a federal Nuans name search report before incorporating.

Incorporate now

A federal Nuans name search report can be used only for the following requests: revival (CBCA or NFP Act), amalgamation (CBCA or NFP Act), import continuance (NFP Act), all services for cooperatives, and for registered intermediaries filings. If your request is one of the previously mentioned, you can get a federal Nuans report. You also may be invited to complete a short feedback survey.

Incorporating in a province or territory?

For information on how to complete your incorporation elsewhere, visit your provincial or territorial government website.

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As a Nuans member, you can order reports for your clients, access greater name search options, order different report types and sign up for monthly billing. Registered intermediaries are encouraged to become a member.

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Trademark search and monitoring

Did you know that you can research existing trademarks in the Canadian trademarks database using Nuans?

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